December 2017: LTWD is hiring for two positions: Office Assistant II and Water Resources/Engineering Technician. See below. Emergencies call: (970) 532-2096

December 2017: LTWD is hiring for two positions: Office Assistant II and Water Resources/Engineering Technician. See below.

Emergencies call: (970) 532-2096

Residential and Non-Residential Rates

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The District has two types of 5/8″, residential water taps, the Urban Tap and the Standard Tap.  The two taps are differentiated by the amount of water available (allotted) to the customer each year based on the amount of water that was dedicated to the District at the time of construction.  The water rate structures are different for each tap.

Urban Tap (was formerly known as a Conservation Tap)

Customers requiring water for indoor use (drinking water, washing, toilets) and outdoor use for smaller landscapes usually found in urban neighborhoods (7,000 to 9,000 square foot lots) typically purchase an Urban Tap. In some cases, residential customers with larger properties and either limited landscapes or have alternative sources of raw water such as a well or ditch rights may also purchase the Urban Tap.

  • The amount of water a customer is allowed to use from January through December is called their annual allotment. The annual allotment for Urban Tap customers is 114,000 gallons. If a customer’s year-to-date water use exceeds this amount, a surcharge of $8.00 (effective January 1, 2017)per 1,000 gallons overage is added to the usage charge.
  • The year-to-date water use and allotment of each customer is shown just below the graph at the bottom of the monthly bill.
  • In most cases, customers with urban properties will have sufficient water available each year without incurring a surcharge. Customers who desire to have more than 114,000 gallons per year available without a usage surcharge can upgrade to a Standard Tap. Contact the District at 970-532-2096 for additional details.

Standard Tap

Customers requiring water for properties with large landscapes and gardens, livestock, and higher indoor usage, generally in more rural settings, typically purchase a Standard Tap.   There is no surcharge for the Standard Tap, but the cost for higher consumption is reflected in a higher rate in the fourth tier.

Non-residential rates are determined by the size of the service tap.Below is the 2017 Rate Structure that was approved by the Board of Directors at their November 10, 2016 meeting.  “Rate per 1,000 Gallons” reflects a 6 percent increase for 2017.  Download 2017 Water Rate Structure

2017 Rate Structure – Effective January 1, 2017
Tap SizeBase FeeGallons UsedRate per 1,000 Gallons
0-6,000$ 2.37
5/8” Urban$26.866,001-15,000$ 2.98
* *
5/8” Standard$26.866,001-25,000$2.98
3/4” Standard$29.109,000-45,000$2.98
5/8” Non Res$26.866,000-30,000$2.98
3/4” Non Res$ 29.109,000-45,000$2.98
1” Non Res$ 37.1515,000-75,000$2.98
1.5” Non Res$69.8930,000-150,000$2.98
2” Non Res$ 84.6348,000-240,000$2.98
3” Non Res$157.00105,000-525,000$2.98
4” Non Res$229.44189,000-945,000$2.98

*The Urban Residential Tap rate allows for 114,000 gallons usage per year.  Usage overage results in a surcharge of $8.00 per thousand gallons.

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