Manage your Account

Understanding Your Bill

Your paper bill provides information about your account, your current usage and current charges.  Below is a sample bill.  Below the sample bill is an explanation of various parts of the bill.


Top Right

  • Account information by service address and account number
  • Due Date
  • Amount Due

Center Portion

  • Customer Name
  • Meter Reading – Previous Date and Reading
  • Meter Reading –Current Date and Reading
  • Number of Days in Billing Period
  • Current Usage – total number of gallons
  • Same Period Usage – total number of gallons, one year ago
  • Water Usage Billing Detail -usage detail by tier
  • Billing Information- previous balance (balance forward), payment, current billing, including base charge and charge for water usage, total current charges
  • Water Use Chart – shows water use in gallons by month
  • Bill Message – Short message with current information or notice.

Bottom Portion

  • Detach and use for submitting payment.

Meter Reading –   Your approximate read dates are printed in the center section of your bill.  The District reads water meters monthly and bill in three cycles as follows:

Area 1: South of Colorado Highway 60 and West of U.S. Highway 287 to the foothills, including Masonville. This area includes the Barefoot Lakes Subdivision, which is located south of Highway 66 and east of I-25.  Customers will receive bills dated the 10th of the month, due on the 5th of the following month.

Area 2:  South of Colorado Highway 60 and East of U.S. Highway 287 to the South Platte River, including Mead. Customers will receive bills dated the 20th of the month, due the 15th of the following month.

Area 3:  North of Colorado Highway 60 around Loveland and east of I-25.  Customers will receive bills dated the last day of the month and due the 25th of the following month.

Bill History – Your bill history can be obtained by contacting the office. With your Xpress Bill Pay online account, you can see each month’s history for the previous 3 years.